Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some kind of crazy.

i know, i'm horrible with updating this thing.
i never have anything to write!! my life is at a stand-still.

i'm moving back to connecticut at some point this summer. the school i want to go to is in nyc, so it won't be so bad. i know i'll be back, i love my city!

since i have nothing really interesting to write about, i'm going to start posting pictures i've found.
i've discovered a couple AMAZING photographers that i just ... LOVE. like, i would die if they found me & asked me to pose for them. or do makeup for them. just ... i'd just die.

So this one is just of a girl with orange hair, lovely orange panties, and the coolest stockings i've seen like ... ever. i can't remember who the model is, but she's simply ... stunning. i love the simplicity of the photo, too. just her against a plain wall with some awesome lighting. i would really love to look that amazing in a photo. or to make someone else look that amazing, i'm not picky.