Sunday, November 29, 2009


the other morning, i ran to pee and had that strange almost painful sensation when it was done.
i then felt SERIOUSLY uncomfortable and ran to the bathroom not ten minutes later for another unsatisfying pee.
what does this healthy does of too much information lead to?

urinary tract infection.

i noticed it the morning previous, but it went away about midmorning so i sort of just forgot about it. B and i had really amazzzzzing sex .... and the next day it was rearing it's ugly head. of course, the sex SURE didn't help.

what's a girl to do when doctors are sort of not an option right now?
why, cranberry juice and garlic!

this sounds like an unhealthy alternative to modern antibiotics, BUT it works.
garlic is a natural anti-microbial and we all know cranberry juice flushes the system. so the garlic kills all the nasty bacterias and cranberry juice makes you pee it all out.
it worked because i caught it early enough, when it was just starting, and the bacteria hadn't really had a chance to latch on.

you have to keep an eye on your body, of course, because *if* it doesn't get better in the first couple days, you need a doctor pronto. and i know it's disgusting, but i figured i'd share because when you have lots of sex, as we kinky types are wont to do, it can lead to UTIs or worse, the dreaded yeast infection! i haven't had one of those ever in my whole life, thank Goddess, but i've had my fair share of UTIs. i personally *hate* taking antibiotics. makes me feel like shit. this, however? actually succeeded in making me feel ten times better.


it's late and we have to go to bed, but i am directed towards his dick by my hair. i take him into my mouth and he moans, just a little. i love that sound, so i keep going. then i crawl on top of him, and put him inside of me and sink down til he's all the way in. i start moving, slow but hard, and he puts a hand on my hip and the other on my side, guiding me. i keep this pace. in the dark, all i hear are our combined little moans and sighs. i can feel the pressure building, mounting, until it releases and i'm left shuddering over him. he kisses me and laughs, then takes grip of my hips and moves me faster, harder, until i'm pushed off and my mouth is back where it started, his cum filling my mouth.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Five Days Later...

it's not that my rules are hard to follow, it's that i have a hard time not saying 'no'. i think i just want B to punish me. i'd been put in the corner twice for it already, so when i did it again last night i got a spanking. and somehow i felt .... content? afterwards.
i'm not sure that's a good thing, and i'm not sure how i tell him i want him to spank me more often. that seems backwards.
other than that, i think i've been doing really well at behaving and following my rules. 'cept for going to sleep/waking up on time. cos he's been lenient in some respects. i.e. last night, we both fell asleep at 10PM and woke up around 1.30AM .... and didn't go *back* to sleep til 5AM. altho, i tried, i really did. and as a result, i didn't wake up until 2PM. he let me, cos he knew i hadn't slept ... but still! i guess i should just force myself. get myself on schedule.

can someone tell me what it is about being told you're not allowed to masturbate that makes you want to do it even more?!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Rules

we had another bad night last night, as far as my attitude and behavior goes.
B has decided he's tired of it, so he told me i was to search through every blog i could find & write down all their rules and punishments, if any are listed. that was my 'homework' for the day. so B came home to something like five pages of rules i'd written down. he then went through and starred the ones he felt were appropriate, changed things, added some of his own. i'm now to reorganize them so that they're legible [he has atrocious handwriting!] and i also felt i'd share them.

thanks to all the lovely boys & girls who's rules i stole! Re-written to avoid plagiarism.

1. I'm not allowed to release myself.

2. If I have to wake my Owner, it must be by going down on him.

3. I am to keep my Owner's drink full and refreshed.

4. I am to cook our meals nightly, unless there's a good reason. On nights when my Owner works late, dinner is to be ready upon his return. All other nights, dinner is to be ready by 8PM.

5. On days when I am not working, I am to clean and organize. Dishes are to be done every two days, preferably while my Owner is at work. Laundry is to be done twice a week. I am to fill all empty water bottles daily & make Kool-Aid or sweet tea, so that my Owner has a choice of beverage.

6. I'm not allowed to wear panties when wearing a skirt/dress in my Owner's presence. Exception : Work, monthly, very good reasons.

7. I am to come whenever my Owner calls for me.

8. I am never to tell my Owner no. When my Owner says 'No.' that means NO, I am not allowed to argue. (I have a pretty big problem with this <.<)

9. I am to do what I am told, promptly, and with a smile.

10. I am to always answer truthfully & with haste.

11. I am not allowed to fight punishment.

12. I am not allowed to back talk.

13. My body is my Owner's body.

14. As such, my body is his to use as he sees fit. It is to be available to him at all times. I am not in control of my sexuality.

15. I am to ask before masturbating.

16. I'm not allowed to have lovers outside of our relationship.

17. I am to exercise for at least thirty minutes three times weekly.

18. I am to get ready for work an hour before I need to leave and I am not to be on the computer whilst doing so.

19. Bed time is 1:30AM and sleep is to be done nude, unless I am having my monthly.

20. No naps without permission.

21. 9:30AM is time to wake up.

22. School work is to be done between 10AM-12PM.

23. I am to shave once a week. All bits.

24. If my Owner comes into the bathroom while I am using it, I am to continue my business and not be ashamed or embarrassed.. He is my Owner, and therefor owns ALL of me, even my bodily functions.

25. If I leave the house without my Owner, I am to let him know that I have arrived safely at my destination. Texting is fine.

26. I am to refrain from saying 'okay' and should use 'yes, Sir' in matters of importance.


1. I will thank my Owner for the discipline received. Along with what I received and why it was necessary.

2. I will be punished harshly and painfully for any infractions and for willfully disobeying. I must also know that I will be forgiven once punishment has been meted out.

3. Sex does NOT follow punishment.

4. I will receive one warning.

5. My first infraction, after warning, will result in ten minutes in the corner.

6. Second infraction will result in spanking with the implement of his choosing, generally depending on how bad I've been.

7. Third infraction will result in twenty minutes of bound alone time to think about what I've done.


today, B decided to tie me up. he started right after i'd woken up and i hadn't had a chance to pee yet. after having my right wrist attached to my left ankle, i expressed my need to pee. B told me i could go, but refused to untie me, so i half walked half hobbled to the bathroom, a mere ten or so feet away. as i sat on the toilet, i had to call him in to help me get OUT of the bathroom. embarrassed, and both of us laughing hysterically after many failed attempts, i untied the knot and walked back into the living room.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Terrible Misbehaving

i was being a terrible, snotty brat. throwing temper tantrums, saying 'no' for no real reason, etc.
we were laying on the bed at the time and B, having had enough, told me to roll onto my stomach. i've been having arm problems [slept wrong, you know the deal] and didn't move fast enough for his liking, so he grabbed my legs and flipped me over. he grabbed my panties by the ass and RIPPED them off. i have to say, it was really sexy. before my mind really had time to process the act, SMACK B's hand hit my ass. then twice more. REALLY hard, to where i flinched and put my hands over my ass as i yelped in pain, tears coming to my eyes. "that's for being a brat," he said as he scooped me into his arms. the next day, i got a pack of brand new panties to replace the one he'd ripped and an apology for having been so rough. which i didn't mind, i just happen to like my panties.


however, that didn't seem to make me kick the brat habit. B's trying to break me of the disrespectful attitude i've had, and i can't say i've been too cooperative like i should be. we had the stricter conversation, so i was given a bedtime and a time to wake up [i LOVE to sleep, and i'll do it all day if i'm allowed] and this morning i refused. i'm supposed to wake up at 9.30A so i can do school work from 10A-12P, since i'm currently going online. this was MY idea, and he enforced it because he knows it's important, and i ignored him. i told him to leave me alone and rolled over.
i fell asleep, and a few hours later he'd gone to take a shower to get ready for work. when he came back, i reached for him and he had this ... very unhappy look on his face. i asked him what was wrong.
"is this really what you want?" he said, in deference to our relationship. "cos you tell me you want rules, i give them to you, and you continue to fight me."
"of course it is, baby, i was just tired...." i said meekly.
"cos we can change our dynamic and just be in a regular old relationship," he told me.
"no, no, that's not what i want," i protested.
"well, you say you want me in charge, you want me to own you and control you, but you can't follow a rule. a rule that's GOOD for you and enables us to have more time together," he said, "that's why i did it. so that we could spend time together before i go to work," which made me feel totally like shit. i had no idea, it hadn't occurred to me.
"you've got two days to think about it," he said. so i protested again that, yes, this is what i want. "then you've got two days to prove it to me. and yer not gonna like it,"
"why not?" i asked.
"because you won't be allowed to cum at all," he told me. i was told that if this is what i want, i have to prove it. i have to do what he tells me to, because after all that's what i want. we talked about it a little more on his lunch break, where he told me it's not that he doesn't love me; just if this is what i want, i need to give myself to him and stop fighting.
i didn't think i was being that terrible, but i guess i was wrong.
so today, i'm trying harder.
i'm making sure to have dinner DONE before he gets home, and i cleaned.