Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm trying to deal with it, being different & all that.

a thousand times i've come to this page & started to write something. a thousand times, i've turned around and erased everything i've written.
i've noticed it's really really hard to write a 'sex blog' when you aren't having any.
the last time i got laid was ... october. and every relationship i've attempted to start has failed, mostly due to myself.
what's a girl to do?

sometimes i feel totally, utterly alone.
other times, i really feel like if i had someone i'd hate it. i'd be smothered or something.
i've been really depressed lately and just ... not in a good state of mind.

i'm looking into schools for makeup artistry!
i figure if i'm depressed, then i'm going to have to fix it.
and what better way than learning things & doing something with myself?

i guess i don't really have anything much to say ... but my last entry being in february made me feel a bit depressed.

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