Friday, December 11, 2009

project orgasm

I'm late but I wanted to go ahead and join in anyway. Fellow Blogger LG created project orgasm to discuss the different ways we cum. Brilliant idea and I've been having fun reading everyone's posts. I don't have a special orgasm... other than the fact that I don't have multiples so I wanted to talk about that.

My all time favorite way to cum is via my owner's tongue. I have no idea what he does but its amazing. My legs are spread and he usually puts his arms around my thighs, holding me to him. He makes me hold myself open so he has unimpeded access to my clit. Then he gets to work with how tongue and magic happens. I feel myself get wetter and I get lost in the sensation, my hips move a little on their own. This is usually when his two middle fingers find their way inside me. I like it best when he ribs hard on that certain spot on the top wall of my cunt, but sometimes he likes to make the 'come hither' motion which is so intense I literally cannot lay anywhere near still.
I sometimes get that 'need to pee' feeling that signifies squirting, but its too intense and I can't relax enough to do it. When my owner goes back to less intense fingering, I literally get lost in the pleasure. Sometimes he has to tell me to cum cos I basically forget. It just feels amazing. No little thrills, tho, just one steady amazing build up. It keeps building until I do cum, and its earth shattering. I usually gush in a puddle in my owner's hand and on the bed. Not huge amounts, but enough to leave a wet spot.
My hands always leave their posts to grip the sheets as I writhe and moan and scream. My owner likes to keep going and drag it out, gripping me in place against him. I cum for what seems like forever, until I think I can't take it anymore, and then it ebbs and returns to the original amazing feeling, just a little more intense on my now-sensitive clit. I can cum again if he keeps going. Takes a little longer and is a bit stronger. My usually owner likes to take his mouth off and just use his fingers to get me back to that squirmy squirty place again. He likes it when I'm half in trears begging him to stop. Then we cuddle. Seems like an odd end but we're both extremely fond of cuddled.

So... that's my favorite orgasm. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and I hope you read the other submissions over at LG's place!
I really hope we get to do other contribution blogging posts. That was a lot of fun!


  1. Never too late! Thanks for participating. It's really a kick to read all the other people's submissions, and this is no exception. I wish oral felt like that for me ;)

  2. very sexy post.. its such an intimate way of cumming for sure!