Sunday, November 29, 2009


the other morning, i ran to pee and had that strange almost painful sensation when it was done.
i then felt SERIOUSLY uncomfortable and ran to the bathroom not ten minutes later for another unsatisfying pee.
what does this healthy does of too much information lead to?

urinary tract infection.

i noticed it the morning previous, but it went away about midmorning so i sort of just forgot about it. B and i had really amazzzzzing sex .... and the next day it was rearing it's ugly head. of course, the sex SURE didn't help.

what's a girl to do when doctors are sort of not an option right now?
why, cranberry juice and garlic!

this sounds like an unhealthy alternative to modern antibiotics, BUT it works.
garlic is a natural anti-microbial and we all know cranberry juice flushes the system. so the garlic kills all the nasty bacterias and cranberry juice makes you pee it all out.
it worked because i caught it early enough, when it was just starting, and the bacteria hadn't really had a chance to latch on.

you have to keep an eye on your body, of course, because *if* it doesn't get better in the first couple days, you need a doctor pronto. and i know it's disgusting, but i figured i'd share because when you have lots of sex, as we kinky types are wont to do, it can lead to UTIs or worse, the dreaded yeast infection! i haven't had one of those ever in my whole life, thank Goddess, but i've had my fair share of UTIs. i personally *hate* taking antibiotics. makes me feel like shit. this, however? actually succeeded in making me feel ten times better.


  1. hey nebbish,

    just thought i'd chime in. cranberry actually helps because it produces a special acid in the urine. but it has to be 100% pure cranberry juice to really get those benefits. it's really bitter, so you have to either water it down or get the capsules. both work.

    hope you're feeling better :]

  2. All better! I just have a terrible habit of not following up with updates.

    I actually kind of like cranberry juice -- It's the aftertaste that's terrible! But the entire weekend [after a 2-quart bottle of cranberry] all I could think was, man I wish I had some vodka & a squeeze of lemon.