Saturday, October 3, 2009

On Being Put In My Place

i'm a brat. b knows and likes this and finds it to be cute. as such, i think he's really lenient. i think this is cos he likes to hear me whine. i also tend to act out, so there's been a few times where i've been roughly thrown over knees and spanked or forced to crawl. i like being put in my place. it's just enough humiliation to make me squirm and shows my owner's, well, ownership of me. i don't try to provoke him, tho. sometimes it just happens.


  1. *SQUEEE* I'm so glad your having a good time!! I've been checking every so often to see if you'd updated and I'm relieved to see things are going good and your happy :)

    and brats have more fun! nothing wrong with being a SAM - smart ass masochist!

    -SAM I am, Sephi

  2. Yeah I'm alive and well lol.
    Haven't been paying as much attention to the blog world as usual, but hopefully my poor lappie will be fixed soon!

    SAM indeed haha