Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hit fast-forward .... Please?

i get to go see my love interest [boyfriend? future owner?] in a little over a week.
everything is absolutely amazing.
what i found i couldn't properly explain, he's gone off on his own and researched. and has taken a huge liking to what he's found.
we've discussed the idea of him owning me and he absolutely loves it. even wants to make sure i can always wear my collar -- when it comes time, obviously. we both believe this isn't something we should just jump into.

however, i do anticipate an amazingly good time when i get down there.
i've been told i'll be leaving sore. *giggles* and i'm anxiously awaiting that prospect.


  1. lol I remember my first time diving into the lifestyle...13 years later here I am, with the same man who gave a name to my cravings at the age of 13 (He was 15) and we're finally on our way to making it reality! (we lived in two diff countries and I just moved here to His neck of the woods)

    I found your blog quite by random and I hope you don't mind, I'd like to link your blog to mine :) I look forward to seeing how this turns out for you!! Best of luck and all the kinkiest wishes!


  2. I'd love that! I went into this hoping for blog-friends, you know?

    Two different countries, that must've been difficult!!