Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Have

a whole new routine and set of rules.
seems my Dearly Beloved was actually listening when i told him what i thought i needed. a dear friend of mine [my beastie x3]


i was given a collar [hopefully temporary, cos i'd like something prettier XD] in a pretty informal, pretty hot sort of ceremony. and then i was told to write. i wrote out rules, a dress code, and a routine. there's now three sheets of paper taped to the wall, black letters slanted and written in dying black marker. there's also lamenated cards with punishment markers on them. three strikes you're out on cooperation and attitude. ugh.

it's hard. and sometimes i feel very resentful.
but i think it'll be good in the long run.
i mean, i know it will.


  1. *hugs* best of luck to you sweetie, its good to hear you guys are working your way through this and you seem pretty motivated :) I'm cheering you on!

  2. *hugs* thank you! I'm trying :]

  3. feel free to send me email or IM's if you want :)